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Densmore, Art (PhD) - Algorithms for Rapid Characterization and Optimization of Aperture and Reflector Antennas
    California State University Long Beach - Lecturer
Li, Mo (MS) - Revisiting the Computation of 3D Aperture Distributions for Reflectors   
Brockett, Timothy (PhD) - 1D, 2D, and 3D Periodic Structures: Electromagnetic Characterization, Design, and Measurement
    Topanga Technologies - Technical Staff
Raizada, Kinshuk (MS) - Modular Smart Antenna-RF Front end System for Handheld Devices and Base Stations
    Apple Inc. - RF Systems Engineer
Bhardwaj, Shubhendu (MS) - Design and Development of Dual Polarized, Stacked Patch Antenna Element for S-Band Dual-Pol Weather Radar Array
    The Ohio State University - PhD Student
Goodwin, Jacob (MS) - Determining Integrated Lens Antenna Far-Field Patterns Using Geometrical Optics and the Aperture Field
    Sandia National Laboratory - Antenna Engineer
Kim, Ilkyu (PhD) - Design of a Class of Antennas Utilizing MEMS, EBG and Septum Polarizers including Near-field Coupling Analysis
    Defence Agency for Technology and Quality (DTAQ) - Technical Staff
Kovitz, Joshua (MS) - Nature-Inspired Optimization Techniques Applied to Antennas for Wireless Communications and Radar
    UCLA - PhD Student
Schubert, Ryan (MS) - A Look Into the Design and Simulation of Linear Microstrip Patch Antenna Phased Arrays
Rajagopalan, Harish (PhD) - Advances in Microstrip Reflectarray Antenna Designs and Diagnostics: Applications for Distortion Compensation and RF MEMS Reconfigurability
    Apple Inc. - Antenna Engineer
Razavi, Farhad (PhD) - Planar near-field phaseless measurment techniques for antenna characterizations and diagnostics
    Shocking Technologies Inc. - Technical Staff
Xu, Shenheng (PhD) - Optimization and Compensation Techniques for Modern Reflector Antenna Designs
    Tsinghua University - Associate Professor
Bahadori, Keyvan (PhD) - Spaceborne Reflector Antennas for Advanced Remote Sensing Applications
Brockett, Timothy (MS) - UCLA's Millimeter-Wave Bipolar Planar Near-field Measurement System: A Novel Portable Design
Izdebski, Phillip (MS) - Conformal Ingestible Antennas: A Novel Chandlier Meandered Design
    Raytheon - Technical Staff
Jin, Nanbo (PhD) - Particle Swarm Optimization in Engineering Electromagnetics
    Apple Inc. - Research Engineer
Aminian, Amir (PhD) - Spectral FDTD in the Analysis of Periodic Structures
Eliassi, Ravash (MS) - Performance of Handheld Wireless Devices with Dual Antennas: SAR, Diversity and Human Interaction
Northrop Grumman - Staff
Hussein, Ziad A. (MS)
    JPL - Technical Staff
Jin, Nanbo (MS) - Parallel PSO/FDTD Optimization in  Electromagnetic Applications
    UCLA - PhD Student
Kim, Jaehoon (PhD) - Implanted Antennas for Medical Wireless Communications: Characterizations, Designs and Performance Evaluations
    Samsung - Technical Staff
Kona, Keerti S. (PhD) - Dual-Frequency Dual-Polarized Stacked Patch Microstrip Arrays: An Investigation of their Suitability for Soil-Moisture Remote-Sensing Applications
    HyPerComp - Technical Staff
Li, Zhan (PhD) - Antenna Designs for Handset Applications: Multiple Antennas Integration and Interaction with the Human Head
    Nokia - Technical Staff
Manteghi, Majid (PhD) - Ultra Wideband (UWB) and Impulse Radiating Antennas (IRAs)
    Mojex - Technical Staff
Bahadori, Keyvan (MS) - Ku/Ka bands Spaceborne Precipitation Radar Antenna: Cylindrical Reflector Fed by Linear Array Feed
    UCLA - PhD Student
Gies, Dennis T. (MS) - Particle Swarm Optimization: Applications in Electromagnetic Design
Angha, Amir Ali (MS) 
    Edison Co. - Technical Staff
Brown, Sherwood W. (MS) - A Geometrical Optics Based Method of Evaluating Radomes Described by the Superquadric Equation
    Raytheon - Technical Staff
Gianvittorio, John P. (PhD) - Fractals, MEMS, and FSS Electromagnetic Devices: Miniaturization and Multiple Resonances
    Raytheon - Section Manager
Khayatian, Behrouz (PhD) - Fresnel Zone and Reflectarray Antennas for Space Missions: Concepts, Computational Techniques and Characterizations
    JPL - Technical Staff
Robinson, Jacob (BS) - BS Physics
Sakungew, Natanan Pon (MS) - Characterization of Luneburg Lens and Fresnel Zone Antennas in the Bi-polar Planar Near-field Measurement Facility
Young, Jennifer S.  (MS) - Dual Frequency and Broadband Microstrip Patch Antennas: The Assessment of Miniaturization in Vehicle Telematics Applications
    Raytheon - Technical Staff
Sinton, Seelig M.  (MS) - Characterization of Offset reflector Antennas for Spaceborne Remote Sensing Applications
    Raytheon - Technical Staff
Villegas, Frank J. (PhD) - Electromagnetic Scattering from Finite Arrays of Dielectrically-Covered Circular Cavities in a Ground Plane
    Aerospace - Technical Staff
Yang, Fan (PhD) - EBG Structure and Reconfigurable Technique in Antenna Designs: Applications to Wireless Communications
    University of Mississippi - Assistant Professor
Mosallaei, Hossein (PhD) - Complex Layered Materials and Periodic Electromagnetic Band-Gap Structures: Concepts, Characterizations and Applications
    Northeastern University
Spittler, Shelly D. (MS) - Dual Frequency and Circularly Polarized Microstrip Patch Antennas: The Challenge of Miniaturization
    Raytheon - Technical Staff
Djordjevic, Miroslav (MS) - Cavity Backed Annular Patched Antennas (CABAPA) Candidate Terminal Antennas in Satellite Communication Systems
Gianvittorio, John  P. (MS) - Fractal Antennas: Design, Characterization, and Applications
    Raytheon - Section Manager
Liu, Fan-Yun Sabrina (MS) - Offset Parabolic Cylinder Reflectors Antenna: An Application for Spaceborn Precipitation Radar
    Boeing - Technical Staff
Adams, Jon Trent (MS) - Ground Calibration of an Orbiting Spacecraft Radar Transmitter
     JPL - Group Supervisor
Chatterji, Mounitra (MS)
    Long Beach State University
Hoferer, Robert A. (PhD) - Large Space-Borne Reflector Antenna Characterization: Evaluation and Distortion Compensation
     Vertex RSI - Supervisor
Barlevy, Alon S. (PhD) - Properties of Electromagnetic Scattering From Periodic Metallic Structures: Application to Frequency Selective and Bandgap Structures
    Northrop Grumman - Staff
Colburn, Joseph S. (PhD) - Design and Evaluation of Mobile Antennas for Terrestrial and Satellite Communication Systems
    HRL - Technical Staff
Muradian, Norair (MS) - Microstrip Patch Antennas on High Dielectric Materials: Silicon and Gallium Arsenide Substrates
Faust, William P. (PhD) - A Generalized Electromagnetic Computational Technique for 2-D Bodies of Arbitrary Shape and Media: Applications to Novel Antenna Topics.
    LJR - Vice President
Ip, Hung-Piu (MS) - Analysis and Engineering Characterization of Multi-Layered Reflector Antennas: Coating Deployable Membrane and Rain/Snow Accumulation
Johnson, Joseph Michael Jr. (PhD) - Genetic Algorithms in Electromagnetics
    University of Nevada, Reno
Barlevy, Alon S. (Engineering)
    Northrop Grumman - Staff
Melde (Virga), Kathleen L. (PhD) - Modeling and Performance Visualization of Broadband Integrated Antennas for Radio Communications Applications
    University of Arizona - Associate Professor
Hodges, Richard E. (PhD) - Current-Based Hybrid Method for Electromagnetic Modeling of Complex Structures
    JPL - Group Supervisor
Williams, Lawarence I. S. (PhD) - The Bi-Polar Near-Field Technique for Antenna Measurements
    Ansoft - Senior Engineer
Colburn, Joseph S. (MS) - Electromagnetic Scattering and Coupling Involving Antennas and Dielectric Bodies: A Method of Moments Solution
    HRL - Section Manager
Hoppe, Daniel J. (PhD) - Higher Order Impedance Boundary Conditions for Electromagnetics Scattering
    JPL - Division Staff
Jensen, Michael A. (PhD) - Time-Domain Finite-Difference Methods in Electromagnetics: Application to Personal Communications
    Brigham Young University - Professor and Chairman
McKay, James P. (PhD) - Techniques for Performing Real-Time Antenna Measurements at Reduced Distances
    Aerospace - Member of Technical Staff
Park, Brian (MS) - Biquadratic Surface Patch Physical Optics Integration Technique of Efficient Analysis of Reflector Antennas
    Boeing - Technical Staff
Virga, Kathleen L. (Engineering) 
    University of Arizona - Associate Professor
Barlevy, Alon S. (MS)
    Northrop Grumman - Staff
Williams, Lawrence I. S. (Engineering)
    Ansoft - Senior Engineer
Duan, Dah-Weih (PhD) - PO/PTD Analysis and Optimization Synthesis of Reflector Antennas
    Northrop Grumman - Member of Technical Staff
Mahon, John P. (PhD) - An Investigation into Broadside Radiating Dielectric Rod Antennas with Dielectric Radiating Elements.
    LJR - Manager
Schwartz, Jodi L. (MS)
Velayos, Eduardo J. (MS)
Iversen, Per Olav (MS) - Characterizing the Caustic Fields of Offset Elliptical Reflector Antennas
    Satimo Antenna - Manager
Lee, Paula Renee (MS)
    JPL - Group Supervisor
Toland, Brent T. (MS) - Image Focusing in Microwave Holographic Diagnostics
    TRW Antenna - Manager
Yaccarino, Robert G. (MS)
    Raytheon Antenna - Staff
Gatti, Marco P. (MS)
    JPL - Deputy Section Manager