Research Areas

Our group has worked in many diverse areas within electromagnetics, antennas, and microwave engineering. Below are listed some brief descriptions of areas in which we made pioneering contributions. We also have presented exciting and comprehensive presentations at many IEEE sponsored conferences including the International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation and International Microwave Symposium (IMS). Below is a video presentation by Prof. Rahmat-Samii at a recent IMS conference highlighting our work in the areas of electromagnetics.

Antennas for Wireless Communications

  • Ultra wide band (UWB) antennas
  • Fractal antennas
  • Novel antenna designs for personal communications
  • MIMO antennas
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Satellite and Ground Antennas

  • Shaped reflector antennas
  • Ku/Ka bands spaceborne precipitation radar antennas
  • Non-uniform Luneburg and 2-shell lens antennas
  • Mesh reflector antennas
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Antenna Measurement Techniques

  • Analysis and development of antennas for compact range applications
  • Microwave holography diagnosis of reflector and array antennas
  • Spherical near-field measurement technique
  • Bi-polar planar near-field antenna measurement technique
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Numerical and Optimization Techniques

  • Particle swarm optimization (PSO)
  • FDTD computational technique
  • Comprehensive diffraction synthesis and PO/PTD/GTD analysis techniques for multi reflector shaped antennas
  • Analysis of radiation and scattering characteristics of antennas mounted on large structures
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Periodic and Electromagnetic Band Gap Structures

  • Fractal FSS's
  • Mutual coupling reduction of microstrip antennas with EBG
  • Broadband characterization of complex periodic/EBG MEMS enabled FSS
  • Low-profile circularly polarized curl antennas using EBG
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