Latest News

Congratulations to Joshua Kovitz and Jean Paul Santos, who were selected as student paper finalists out of 173 papers submitted to the student paper contest at the IEEE AP Symposium. Out of the 13 finalists, Joshua was awarded 2nd place at the banquet.

Congratulations to ARAM students Botian Zhang, Lingnan Song, and Daisong Zhang for receiving the 2nd Team Best Prize Award on the RFID Tag Design at the 2015 International Microwave Symposium (IMS)!

ARAM student Jean Paul Santos, won the 1st Annual UCLA Grad Slam Masters and Doctoral Research Showcase. He represented UCLA at the 1st Annual UC-wide competition in Oakland on May 4, 2015. He was written about on the UCLA Newsroom.

Recently Jean Paul Santos, currently a masters student in the Antenna Lab, was awarded the SMART national fellowship. This particular fellowship provides up to four years of full support for the awardees.

Recent Publications

"CubeSat Deployable Ka-Band Mesh Reflector Antenna Development for Earth Science Missions" by N. Chahat, R. E. Hodges , J. Sauder , M. Thomson, E. Peral and Y. Rahmat-Samii