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  • Joshua Kovitz
  • Timothy Brockett
  • Keerti Kona
  • Nanbo Jin

Associated Papers

  • "Robust Optimization With Worst Case Sensitivity Analysis Applied to Array Synthesis and Antenna Designs" by B. Zhang and Y. Rahmat-Samii (Journal)
  • "Design and Implementation of Broadband MEMS RHCP/LHCP Reconfigurable Arrays Using Rotated E-Shaped Patch Elements" by J.M. Kovitz, H. Rajagopalan and Y. Rahmat-Samii (Journal)
  • "Antenna Array Developments: A Perspective on the Past, Present and Future" by R.L Haupt and Y. Rahmat-Samii. (Journal)
  • "Electromagnetic band gap-dipole sub-array antennas creating an enhanced tilted beams for future base station" by I. Kim and Y. Rahmat-Samii (Journal)
  • "Beam-tilted dipole-EBG array antenna for future base station applications" by I. Kim and Y. Rahmat-Samii (Conference)
  • " Directivity of Planar Array Feeds for Satellite Reflector Applications" by Y. Rahmat-Samii (Conference)
  • " Lens Feed Concepts for Electronically Steerable Mobile Satellite Array Antennas" by D. G. Bodnar, Y. Rahmat-Samii (Conference)
  • " A Novel Electronically Steerable Antenna Concept for Land Mobile Satellite Communications" by D. G. Bodnar, B. K. Rainer, Y. Rahmat-Samii (Conference)
  • " A Generalized Reflector/Array Surface Compensation Algorithm for Gain and Sidelobe Control" by Y. Rahmat-Samii (Conference)
  • " Effects of Random Errors on Reflector surface Compensation using Array Feeds" by Y. Rahmat-Samii (Conference)
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