Tag: Elliptical aperture

Associated Papers

  • " Analysis of antennas with elliptical Apertures using Fourier-Bessel Expansion" by C. S. Kim, Y. Rahmat-Samii (Conference)
  • " A Three-Parameter Model for Circular and Elliptical Aperture Distributions" by D. W. Duan, Y. Rahmat-Samii (Conference)
  • " A Three-Parameter (3P) Distribution for Elliptical and Circular Aperture Antennas URSI Electromagnetic Theory Symposium" by D. W. Duan, Y. Rahmat-Samii (Conference)
  • " Diffraction Shaping of Reflector Antennas with Elliptical Apertures and Circular Feed" by D. W. Duan, Y. Rahmat-Samii (Conference)
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