Tag: MoM


  • Amane Miura
  • Joseph Colburn
  • Frank Villegas

Associated Papers

  • "Advanced Computational Electromagnetic Methods and Applications" by Wenhua Yu, Wenxing Li, Atef Elsherbeni, Yahya Rahmat-Samii (Book)
  • "Electromagnetic Pulse Coupling Through an Aperture into a Two-Parallel-Plate Region" by Y. Rahmat-Samii (Chapter)
  • "Generation of Wideband antenna Performance by [Z] and [Y] Matrix Interpolation in the Method of Moments" by K. Virga and Y. Rahmat-Samii (Chapter)
  • " Radiation and Scattering Involving Biological Tissue: Comparison between MOM and FDTD" by J. S. Colburn, M. A. Jensen, Y. Rahmat-Samii (Conference)
  • " Generation of Wideband Antenna Performance by [Z] and [Y] Matrix Interpolation in Method of Moments, Ultra-Wideband" by Y. Rahmat-Samii, K. L. Virga (Conference)
  • " Genetic Algorithms and Method of Moments GA/MoM: A Novel Integration for Antenna Design" by J. M. Johnson, Y. Rahmat-Samii (Conference)
  • " An Efficient Method for Wide Band Characterization of Periodic Structures using a Modified Z Matrix Interpolation" by A. S. Barlevy, Y. Rahmat-Samii (Conference)
  • " Characteristics of Dual Reflector Antennas with Gaps Placed on the Subreflector: MoM and PO Analysis" by B. Khayatian, Y. Rahmat-Samii (Conference)
  • " A Hybrid MoM Formulation for Scattering from Dielectrically Covered Arrays of Cylindrical Cavities in a Ground Plane" by F. J. Villegas, Y. Rahmat-Samii, D. R. Jackson (Conference)
  • " RF Characteristics of Spaceborne Antenna Mesh Reflecting Surfaces: Application of Periodic Method of Moments" by A. Miura, Y. Rahmat-Samii (Conference)
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