Tag: Reconfigurable Antennas


  • Joshua Kovitz
  • Ilkyu Kim
  • Harish Rajagopalan
  • Fan Yang

Associated Papers

  • "Design and Implementation of Broadband MEMS RHCP/LHCP Reconfigurable Arrays Using Rotated E-Shaped Patch Elements" by J.M. Kovitz, H. Rajagopalan and Y. Rahmat-Samii (Journal)
  • "Radiation Pattern Anomalies in the Broadband CP Reconfigurable E-shaped Patch Antenna" by J. M. Kovitz and Y. Rahmat-Samii (Conference)
  • "Practical and Cost-Effective Bias Line Implementations for Reconfigurable Antennas" by J. M. Kovitz, H. Rajagopalan, and Y. Rahmat-Samii (Journal)
  • "MEMS Reconfigurable Optimized E-Shaped Patch Antenna Design for Cognitive Radio" by H. Rajagopalan, and J. M. Kovitz, and Y. Rahmat-Samii (Journal)
  • "Understanding the radiation pattern anomalies in the broadband CP reconfigurable E-shaped patch" by J. M. Kovitz and Y. Rahmat-Samii (Conference)
  • "Nature-Inspired Optimization Techniques in Communication Antenna Designs" by Y. Rahmat-Samii, J. M. Kovitz, and H. Rajagopalan (Journal)
  • " Patch Antenna with Switchable Slots (PASS): Reconfigurable Design for Wireless Communications" by F. Yang, Y. Rahmat-Samii (Conference)
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