Tag: Reflector Antennas


  • Bijan Houshmand
  • Amane Miura
  • Dah-Weih Duan
  • Brian Park
  • Richard Hodges
  • Hung-Piu Ip
  • Robert Hoferer
  • Fan-Yun Sabrina Liu
  • Seelig Sinton
  • Behrouz Khayatian

Associated Papers

  • "Ka-band deployable mesh reflector antenna compatible with the deep space network" by N. Chahat, J. Sauder, M. Thomson, Y. Rahmat-Samii, Richard Hodges (Conference)
  • "Reflector Antenna Developments: A Perspective on the Past, Present and Future" by Y. Rahmat-Samii and R. Haupt (Journal)
  • "Technology Trends and Challenges of Antennas for Satellite Communication Systems" by Y. Rahmat-Samii and A.C. Densmore (Journal)
  • "From Maxwell's equations to modern antenna marvels: From tiniest capsule antennas to largest space antennas" by Y. Rahmat-Samii (Conference)
  • "Classical Reflector Antennas: Design Guidelines and Performance Characteristics" by Y. Rahmat-Samii and S. Xu (Chapter)
  • "Three-parameter elliptical aperture distributions for difference patterns by particle swarm optimization" by A. Densmore, and Y. Rahmat-Samii (Conference)
  • "Sigmoid profiled septum: Evaluation of the parabolic reflector with the septum feed horn" by I. Kim, J. M. Kovitz, and Y. Rahmat-Samii (Conference)
  • "Reflector Antennas" by Y. Rahmat-Samii (Chapter)
  • "Analysis of Antennas with Elliptical Apertures using Fourier-Bessel Expansion: A Comparative Study" by C. S. Kim and Y. Rahmat-Samii (Chapter)
  • "Antenna Diagnosis by Microwave Holographic Metrology" by Y. Rahmat-Samii (Chapter)
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